How to Buy Window Tint Online

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If you are looking for an inexpensive way to tint your windows, like the luxury cars you see on you can purchase a translucent film from an online website.Tinted windows for both automobiles and homes can be an expensive luxury many individuals can not afford. However, instead of buy the tinted glass or having the material installed on the lot or in a factory, you may want to try purchasing window tint from an online store.

Window tint is a tinted material that can be stuck to any kind of window, and if properly attached, will give the appearance of tinted windows without the extreme cost. There are most likely stores around you that sells the material, but there are far more options online, and warehouses that sell online typically have a larger selection, giving you more color options and sizes than a standard store.

Measure Windows for Tinting

Measure your home windows to see the amount of tinting you will need. If you are tinting your automobile windows take note of your make, model and year the car was produced. If you are unsure of this information just check the owner’s manual provided with the vehicle.
Locate Window Tint

Navigate to a website that sells window tinting such as “” or “” These are two different websites that sell both home and car tinting material (there are other online websites available, so feel free to perform a Google search for additional options).

Select either the DIY car tint kit or DIY home tint kit.

Buy Window Tint Online

Select the kind of tinting you would like for your windows, from solar control to frosted decorative and floral films (the housing section will have more kinds of tinting than the automotive section). If purchasing tint for your vehicle you need to check local and state laws in your area, as many states have laws against tinting your vehicle’s windows beyond the point of being able to see inside.

Select the car make, model and year if choosing from the car section. Now select the windows you would want to tint (front tint, rear tint, back tint or complete tint). Usually purchasing all the windows at once is cheaper than buying each window separately.

Choose the tint color you would like (such as neutral, true gray, bronze or blue etc.). Add your product to your cart and proceed to checkout. Here you will need to input your shipping and billing information. Complete the payment process and your order will be completed and mailed to you within a few business days.

Tinted glass is often an expensive luxury that you may not be able to afford (or not offered on the windows or vehicle you are purchasing at the time). To save time, you can buy window tint online to either install yourself or have a local home/automotive service install for you.

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