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How to Get the Perfect Eyebrows

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Tweezing, Arching and Enhancing Your Brows

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your best brows, look no further. Included are the products, procedure and know-how to help you achieve golden arches by permanent makeup eyebrows expert Janette from

The eyes are a focal point of the human face. They are revealing, expressive and vital. This optical anatomy is framed by the eyebrows, which can make or break your look.

Many women guess blindly as to what denotes a proper arch. Some tweeze excessively, creating an awkward shape. Others don’t tweeze enough, and end up looking a bit unfinished. Worse still, some women simply eliminate the brows altogether and draw them on with eyeliner. With all that ambiguity floating around, it’s no wonder women are confused. Armed with knowledge, however, you too can create your most beautiful brows.

Figure Out Where the Brows Begin, Peak, and End

To figure out where the brows begin, align the ruler with one nostril and the inner corner of the eye. Using an eyeliner pencil, draw a line where the ruler intersects the brow. Repeat for the other eye.
To figure out where the brows end, align the ruler with the other nostril and the outer corner of the eye. Using an eyeliner pencil, draw a line where the ruler intersects the brow. Repeat for the other eye.
To figure out where each brows should peak, look straight ahead into the mirror. Align a ruler with the outer edge of the iris (the colored portion). Using an eyeliner pencil, draw a line where the ruler intersects the brow. Repeat for the other eye.

Brush and Trim

Grab a folding brow and lash comb. (the teeth in a non-folding comb usually break). Use the bristles to brush the hairs straight upward. Then, working on top of each brow only, use the brow scissors to trim the hairs that are longer than the others.

Reveal Your Perfect Brow Shape

Begin by working under the brow only. First, tweeze the obvious stray hairs. Then, begin creating your perfect shape. Tweeze one hair at a time and stop every few hairs to track the progress. Each brow shape differs slightly, but always follow the natural shape.

Stronger features require a slightly thicker brow, while softer features require a slightly thinner brow. Do not go too extreme in either direction, but it’s better to be undertweezed than overtweezed. The brow must begin with a rounded edge and gradually taper to a point.


Aim for a smooth, gradual shape
Tweeze distant strays above the eyebrows, as long as doing so won’t change the brow shape


Create a uniform width from beginning to end
Form strange, jagged shapes and odd angles
Tweeze hairs above the brows to change its shape

Fill in the Blanks

Use the powder and brush to fill in overtweezed brows, areas of sparse hair growth, or tweezing mistakes. Stand or sit at a distance from your mirror. A little goes along way, so apply the powder in very small amounts at a time. Gently dab the brush into the powder. Using light strokes, fill in each brow to achieve a desirable shape.

Tips & Tricks

Do not force an unnaturally high arch in order to look younger – it doesn’t work.

Don’t leave them so thick that it’s distracting. At the same time, don’t tweeze until there’s barely anything left. Aim for a happy middle ground.

If tweezing is too painful, try tweezing immediately following a shower. Also try a few over-the-counter pain killers half an hour before beginning. Ice cubes may also help numb the area.
If tweezing is still too painful, explore other shaping options, such as waxing or threading.

Many women believe that the correct procedure is to tweeze all the hairs that are a bit spread out and to skip the ones that are closer together. This is absolutely incorrect, and a huge cause of strange brow shapes.

Overtweezed eyebrows take several weeks or more to grow back. If the hairs are permanently gone, try spreading Rogaine or lavender oil on the eyebrow area – the hairs might grow back.

Practice makes perfect.

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