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How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

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As I am a half Italian guy, my looks are very important to me, and I recently looked into whitening my teeth because I really wanted the best teeth whitening method, or “miglior sbiancante denti metodo”, as we say in Italy.

I didn’t want to go and pay for a professional operation by my dentist or some at home kit to get brighter, whiter teeth. I found out you can make a paste yourself that will reduce the effects of stains on your teeth caused by coffee, smoking, caffeine, or anything else.

There are quite a few different procedures that are available for this so I will try to cover all of them and give some hints and tips for doing them. Though for the most part they will be with readily available ingredients that you will have lying around the house at little to no expense! This is of course to say that lots of the professionals and big companies will tell you that the below techniques are no substitution for their services and or products. This is to be expected. I find it working even better because I can actually afford to do it every week and keep my teeth as bright as possible without reaching too deep into my pocket, which is what everyone is looking for in all reality.

Read Directions First!

Please make sure that you read the instructions before you proceed with the process of whitening your teeth. Just because these are relatively safe procedures if you keep some of the pastes or various other techniques applied for too long they can actually wear out the enamel of your teeth. Only vary what you do for what the instructions call for if it says it is safe to do so. Not to say that even a second longer than instructed to keep a paste or gel on your teeth will ruin them, though falling asleep with it on while watching TV could have some negative consequences. I highly recommend doing it with a friend too it keeps you entertained as well as helping to make sure that you keep doing it on a regular basis which I highly recommend for the best results! Did I mention it can be great fun?

Is At Home Whitening For You?

“I want to whiten my teeth but I don’t know if I should.” Is what people commonly say about a do it at home teeth whitening procedure and that’s fine. Its completely understandable people don’t want to ruin their teeth doing some strange procedure they have never heard of. How do you tell if it is for you?

First of all you need to make sure you don’t have any cavities or open sores in your mouth. If you do not then you will be fine as most of the techniques require the use of hydrogen peroxide. Well I’m sure you know what would happen if you did have open sores. Then you will want to grab a piece of white paper, anything white will work. Look in the mirror and figure out if you have grey looking teeth or if they are yellow. Grey teeth is a sign of a problem underneath the enamel which you won’t be able to fix at home sadly so you will not get any results and should see a dentist about options available to you. If you have more of yellow than grey then you will get noticeably whiter teeth that you desire congratulations!

Strawberry Method

With the strawberry method you are going to need only 2 components that you probably have lying around your house! This is why it is my favorite method and because the flavor isn’t as bad as some other ways.

What you will need:

  • 1 Strawberry
  • Baking Soda

What you will want to do is to first smash you strawberry up in a bowl and make a nice pulp out of it. Then you will want to slowly add baking soda and mix it up as you do so. You should get a consistency similar to tooth paste that’s what you want. Once you get it all you do is grab your tooth brush and apply it to your teeth! Though you will want to apply it and leave it on before you use it all of 2-3 minutes. After the time is up go rinse your mouth out then use your normal tooth paste and brush your teeth.

You can do this procedure up to once a week. I suggest going through with once a month at the very least and weekly if you have the time. Do not do it anymore because past that it will start to eat the actual enamel off of your teeth and cause them to be extra sensitive, of course along with other side effects. Just make sure you are safe, you only have one set of teeth!

Like I said earlier this is one of my favourite methods if you are interested in whitening your teeth at all this is what I would start with trying.

Hydrogen Peroxide Method

The hydrogen peroxide method is very similar but it’s a little more harsh but will work a lot better on those tough stains that you may want to get rid of quickly. Also this is going to taste pretty bad once you get it all mixed up so I recommend going out and buying some mint concentrate as it will make it taste a lot more like tooth paste. Just add a couple of drops and mix it up right before you are going to apply it to your teeth.

What you will need:

  • 2 Teaspoons Baking Soda
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

This is what you would need for one person so double it or whatever you need to do for multiple people. Of course if it makes too much just cut it down to your own size that you need. I started when I did it with 2 Teaspoons of baking soda and mixed in hydrogen peroxide a little at a time. This way I got a good feel for how much of a gel it was turning into. When I noticed it got a similar consistency as tooth paste, that’s it – you’re done. Of course like I said above right when I got to this step I added some mint flavour and it made it a lot easier to tolerate.

Make sure you do not swallow this! You will not be happy when you are very sick from it. Though it will be very hard not to throw up right after swallowing it from the bad taste, in my opinion. Keep out of reach of children too because hydrogen peroxide can be fatal if consumed too much, especially in young children.

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